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The Skinny book series is the culmination of several years of study of how people learn.  
It should not surprise anyone that readers' expectations as to information delivery has changed dramatically in the last 20 years.  The Internet reader differs greatly from her predecessors.  She expects information presented in a concise almost staccato format.  In fact, many scientists believe our brains have been systemically changed by the Internet readers need (and desire) to process written content as quickly as possible.

Today, more than ever, "less is more".  Readers today do not have the time to absorb 250 page books on a single topic.  They want summaries - an explanation of just what they need to know.

Each Skinny book is a compilation and synopsis of 25+ books written on a particular subject.  Each Skinny book synthesizes the important ideas from the writings on a particular subject and presents this information in a narrative format.  Scientists know that people learn most easily when: (i) summaries replace long text explanations, (ii) visuals are part of the delivery, (iii) narrative and dialogue are part of the experience.  

Our Skinny books adopt the findings of recent studies on learning.  A one-hour read of a Skinny book will convey the important ideas from 25 books on a particular subject.  That is the point of our drawing above.  We digest 25 books into one Skinny book and present the information in a twenty-first century format - directed at the Internet Age reader.


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