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Time Management: The Key to Success

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

I am reading a fascinating book titled Felt Time, Marc Wittman (MIT Press, 2017).

This book is about how we experience time.

Time is both an objective and subjective phenomenon.

Obviously one hour is sixty minutes.  That is the objective part.

But, how we experience time is very subjective.

Think about one hour in the dentist’s chair versus one hour watching a great movie.  Certainly does not feel like the same sixty minutes!!

Ditto for how different people experience time.

“Human beings display fundamental differences in how they manage the dimensions of past, present, and future .  . . a person’s temporal orientation affects (his/her) everyday behavior.”

There are people who are presently-oriented.  They want what they want NOW and tend to take more risks than those who are more future-oriented.  The future-oriented individual is a little less impulsive, and accepts deferred gratification much easier than his present-oriented counterpart. 

And so on.

In FUTURE blog posts (can you hardly wait??), we are going to address how people experience time differently and how it affects their day-to-day decisions.

Jim Randel is the founder and author of The Skinny On book series, condensed explanations of important life skills.  Randel's books are currently best sellers in China - three of his e-books in the top 100 best-selling e-books in China.  The Skinny on Time Management is #10 on the e-book best seller list in China, and #2 on's list of best-selling e-books in Chinese. 

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