Rand Media’s Creativity Workshops

RAND Media is the world's leader in developing creative content summarizing and simplifying life-critical topics.

We are proud to announce that we are now developing workshops - to be presented both live and online - that will extend our "bang for the buck" philosophy (less is more) to personal interaction.

Our first workshop, now in final stages of development, is:

Our writings and studies on the subject of creativity have led to an irrefutable conclusion - each of us can boost our creative skills.  This workshop (1.5 hours) will inspire and ignite creativity in all aspects of one's life - personal, business, social, emotional. 

Creativity is not something that resides in just some people.  All of us have creative potential - to be used as and when we need it.  The key is understanding how to unlock that potential.  That is exactly what our workshops will do for participants.

"(Creativity) is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity."  —  Carl Jung

If you are interested in hosting this workshop for a class, corporate training, or other development opportunity, please contact Cindy Monroy at cmonroy@randmediaco.com or 203-226-8727 for additional details.

For a preview of the topics covered in this workshop see our book The Skinny on Creativity   and our blog posts on Unlocking your Creative Genius.