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the skinny on series

The Skinny On books are ahead of their time.  Written and published in 2010 - 2012, these books foretold the evolution of 21st Century reading.  Each book is the synthesis of 25 books or writings on a life-critical topic.  Pulling the best ideas from authors on these topics, a Skinny book summarizes these ideas into a narrative that is fun and easy to read.

The Skinny on Time Management: How to Maximize Your 24-Hour Gift
The Skinny on Willpower: How to Develop Self Discipline
The Skinny on Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box
The Skinny On Credit Cards: How to Master the Credit Card Game
The Skinny on the Housing Crisis: What Every Homeowner and Homebuyer Needs to Know
The Skinny on Success: Why Not You?
The Skinny on Networking: Maximizing the Power of Numbers
The Skinny on the Art of Persuasion: How to Move Minds
The Skinny on Direct Sales: Your first 100 days
The Skinny on Real Estate Investing: An Introduction to the Subject