Unlocking Your Own Creative Genius

I have studied the process of creativity for many years.  I have concluded that everyone has a large reservoir of creativity.  Some people may know how to access it better than others.  But,  here is the headline: 

                                  EVERYONE CAN IMPROVE THEIR CREATIVITY. 

I do not believe that some people are creative geniuses and that the rest of us are on Earth to be their admirers. 

I do not believe that Benjamin Franklin had a Eureka moment and discovered electricity when he was flying a kite with a key on it.  Or, that Isaac Newton finally figured out gravity when he got hit on the head with an apple.   Or, that Marie Curie would never have discovered penicillin but for mold growing on a culture.

I believe that in all these cases - and thousands more - the discovery was the result of years of incubation during which Franklin, Newton, and Curie had been thinking about their subjects. 

Great ideas are like a piece of sand in an oyster.  The sand irritates the oyster (Newton - "this damn gravity problem is driving me nuts") so the oyster applies a coating against the sand.  This coating (called nacre) is applied layer after layer, year after year.  And then one day, WOW, a beautiful pearl.  That, in my view, is how great ideas arise.

I am going to use the next 20 weeks of my blog to teach you how to improve your creativity.  I am not interested in world-changing ideas (although that would be OK) but rather to help you develop your own creative talents in your particular field of expertise.  Every one of us can benefit from unlocking our creative juices.  That is what my blog will be about for the next twenty weeks.