About Rand Media

Rand Media was founded on the premise that people do not need to read 200-page self-improvement books to gain a solid understanding of the subject addressed.

Rand Media believes that most self-improvement books can be digested to about five pages of important facts or ideas.  There are always some readers who want the fine details, the supporting studies, the anecdotes.  But, these people are in the small minority.

Most of us have very limited time for reading.  We want information - but only what we need to know, and expressed in the simplest and most understandable terms.  In other words, we want to learn as quickly and as easily as possible.

This is especially true in the 21st Century because learning has become a staccato experience.  The internet has not only changed the way we can access information, it has also changed our brains.  The 21st Century brain both wants and needs information presented in a condensed and simplified format.  Less is More!

Publishers understand this evolution but have little interest in it.  They have made hundreds of millions of dollars creating books that run 200 - 400 pages long (single-spaced) with only +/- 10 pages of solid information.  Do you think they want to reduce the size of their books to 10 pages and sell them for 1/10 the price??

Rand Media publishes informative books through synthesizing the works of writers and thinkers on life-critical topics.   We have wrapped our content in an illustrated narrative, with dialogue, changing font sizes, lots of white space, and sophomoric humor.  Our belief is that a 60 minute read of one of our books has the same "bang for the buck" as reading the ten best-written (200-page +) books on each subject. 

Our books address topics of self-improvement, "street smarts" (what you don't learn in school but need to survive and succeed), and finance. 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Steve Jobs